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new forum:

new site: http://


EXP Rate: 25x

Bounty Rate: Everything is FOC at the shop.

24/7 Up-Time, and minimal to no-lag.
Fast VPS
Processor: Intel®️Icore7
RAM: 700MB ( will add more when player counts goes up)
Connection Speed: 1gbps

Features / Customs

Ghost King (Soon)
And all other quests!

Room Tags:
- [B] =Reload bullet infinity.
- [G] =Gravity 25%.
- [S] =Walk speed 150%
- [RB] =Reverse berserker.
- [M] Disable massive strikes.
- [N] Reveal the location of everyone in the map
- [RL] Shoot rockets out of your sword (do not use this in quest else it will be counted as a glitch and connsequences will apply)

Press F9,in game and it will display your HP and AP.

Quest and Clan-War server in 1!

Yes, we have working snipers

Really nice organized balanced shop,. A lot of weapons to choose from.

Tons of custom maps, with more coming soon, along with more weapons coming soon from our developers that are working hard to release some.

Nice interface, along with custom login screen.



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TOS READ First Empty TOS READ First

Post  SkyWind on Mon Feb 07, 2011 10:01 am

User Policy

1. You will not attempt any form of Hacking such as: Port Scanning ,SQL Injection, DDOS ,Dos and stuff like that to corrupt our Services.
If you do not Agree by this rule, your privacy will NOT be kept Private.

2. You will not attempt to Unpack any of our files for for your own purposes.


Cheating/Hacking is Not Allowed

Do not inject any DLL Hacks, use Trainers,CheatEngine or Any Form of Hacking. ( N-Stepping is Also Counted)
1st attempt: : ACC/IP Ban

Spamming is Not Allowed

Note: When You have Been Muted, You May Re-Make Register a New Acc . But Do Not Spam Again.

1st attempt: Mute
2nd attempt: Ban ACC/IP Ban

Swapping is Not Allowed

1st attempt: Warning
2nd attempt: Disconnect
3rd attempt: Character reset (Lvl 1, 0 XP)
3rd attempt: Account reset ( all characters deleted and items will be gone also)

Glitching is Not Allowed

Glitching in to walls or giving unfair advantages to others and will lead to the following:

1st attempt: Warning
2nd attempt: Disconnect
3rd attempt: Account Ban

Staff Power Abuse

any Staff Member seen by a player, abusing their powers, will cause the staff member to lose his or her account.

if the player caught a staff abusing... he/she may apply for his/her position if he/she thinks he/she is capable of taking over the GM position. However, if you are caught spamming of accusation towards GM, your application will be denied instantly. Further Consequences applys to accusation towards GM.

1st attempt: Warning
2nd attempt: Remove of staff Position /Account Ban

Using of GM/items/Weps is Only Allowed in Events

Begging for staff positions
No Begging of Staff positions is NOT ALLOWED in-Game
1st attempt: Warning
2nd attempt: Disconnect
3rd attempt: Mute

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