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EXP Rate: 25x

Bounty Rate: Everything is FOC at the shop.

24/7 Up-Time, and minimal to no-lag.
Fast VPS
Processor: Intel®️Icore7
RAM: 700MB ( will add more when player counts goes up)
Connection Speed: 1gbps

Features / Customs

Ghost King (Soon)
And all other quests!

Room Tags:
- [B] =Reload bullet infinity.
- [G] =Gravity 25%.
- [S] =Walk speed 150%
- [RB] =Reverse berserker.
- [M] Disable massive strikes.
- [N] Reveal the location of everyone in the map
- [RL] Shoot rockets out of your sword (do not use this in quest else it will be counted as a glitch and connsequences will apply)

Press F9,in game and it will display your HP and AP.

Quest and Clan-War server in 1!

Yes, we have working snipers

Really nice organized balanced shop,. A lot of weapons to choose from.

Tons of custom maps, with more coming soon, along with more weapons coming soon from our developers that are working hard to release some.

Nice interface, along with custom login screen.



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Hello from your pal SugarBaby

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Hello from your pal SugarBaby

Post  color22 on Wed Feb 09, 2011 5:49 pm

Hello all that is involved to make this server successful and not a failure I'm glad to be part of the Member community but I would like more by helping out in any way I can



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Re: Hello from your pal SugarBaby

Post  Sparkx on Thu Feb 10, 2011 3:25 am

Welcome to Core Gunz!

hehe as you've known, the server needs to have more people playing from time to time so can you please help out by asking friends or even posting at facebook or tweeter so people would notice us.

Enjoy your stay at core gunz =p

CG Admin
CG Admin

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Re: Hello from your pal SugarBaby

Post  color22 on Fri Feb 11, 2011 12:01 am

Advertising is one of the easiest things to ever do make a thread on Ragezone/gamerzplanet/gamerzneeds or anything all but other gunz server and you should see an increase of players Smile


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Re: Hello from your pal SugarBaby

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